Monthly Archives: May 2006

On Software Patents

The semi-legendary Gervase Markham of Mozilla has done probably the best non-programmer’s presentation of why Software Patents are bad.

From the article:, entitled “Software is Special”

The uniqueness of software means that software and patents have unique interactions. For example, a drug is usually covered by a single patent. But high complexity means a piece of software may use thousands of different ideas and so is potentially subject to as many different patents – the holders of any of which could force the software to be made less functional to avoid their patent or take a percentage of your earnings.

A real worthwhile read for you, and anyone you know who you needs to know why Software Patents are a bad idea.

General Update

I know it’s been a while since I’ve made any effort to post to this thing – sorry! Well, I guess it’s time I said a bit about what I’m doing with this site in the near future. Firstly, I’ll be posting a few of the software projects that I’ve been working on lately – there’s quite a few – and they’ll end up linked somewhere off the main page.

I may also have a bit of a tinker about with my CSS (when I have a bit of free time… The stylesheet that I’m using at the moment is actually the one that comes default with Planet, and I think it looks a bit tired… I do like the right-hand-side navigation though, so that’s highly likely to stay… It’s just a matter of touching up the individual elements.

As for me-related stuff, I’m signed up for this Year’s UNSW ProgComp, and am already getting ready for it… I’m going to take a development environment with compilers for every language I know, with the intention of having none of the input parsing issues of last years’ ProgComp.

Oh, to finish off, my friend Jack Scott now has his own blog, which looks like it could end up being fairly good… I invite you to go and check it out.

Well… That’s it for today… Cya later.