Monthly Archives: August 2006

Woe is me…

And on this day, one week before I travel to Sydney, I have the following announcement:

My team has made the Grand Final of the TDU Debating Roster. This means that we’ll be facing off against the nearly-omnipotent Elizabeth College team in a battle of wits, logic, and sheer egos. The topic is That unrest in the Pacific is not Australia’s Problem, and we are the Affirmative.

So, everyone, book in your diaries Wednesday, October 4, and head on down to Ogilvie High School… It’ll be worth it!

Simon and Garfunkel

Few of you have probably heard of the amaroK Music Player for KDE. If you have, you’ve probably been lamenting its lack of certain features. I certainly have. There has been one single feature that has kept me coming back to iTunes (through Crossover Office), and that is iTunes’ ability to organise your music folder. Well, amaroK now does that. It’s time to celebrate.

A full review once I use it more thoroughly.

(To explain the title of today’s post, look at their song “I am a Rock”. I soon will.)

I’m back, I think

Sorry for not updating around here lately, but I’ve been struck down by two different illnesses over the past two weeks, and as such, blogging has not been on the top of my list of priorities. That said, I’m getting better (I hope), and will, start posting more regularly as stuff actually begins to happen… which I’m sure it will 🙂