Monthly Archives: October 2006

Two Weeks

Here’s the latest in my rather sparse set of updates from me:

14 Years ago, I stepped into the doors of the Hutchins School to begin my schooling/education/etc. 14 days from today, I will be partaking in a Barbeque at Collegiate to mark the end of it. It’s a really scary thought, and I get the idea that my next two weeks are going to be very interesting.

In relation to my aforementioned Debating Final, I lost it — oh well… But in an upnote, my winnings for the UNSW ProgComp ended up being 4 times as much as we expected it to be, to the tune of $400. Not bad at all, considering it comes with a $2000 scholarship to CSE at UNSW. I may consider even taking it up.

Expect more updates as we approach the beginning of SWOT Vac. Until then, Bye!


Just to let you all know what I’ve been doing with my September Holidays. It’s a training site for programming competitions and the like. I’m hoping to run a series of contests every month for the indefinite future, and I’ve got a few friends helping me out with it, so it should be good.

Check it out Here. You may even take the Alpha test. Enjoy it!