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Stuff and Nonsense (For November 24, 2006)


In today’s news, I had my final exam this morning, a lovely 2-hour “Walk In The Park” Audio Design exam. Much enjoyment to be had there, especially given that I disliked yesterday’s chem exam greatly (but not as greatly as Maths). That therefore means that I no longer have anything to do with school study, and I now really only have one more official obligation in terms of school, that being Speech Night in December. It’s almost all over!

In computing, I now host e-mail — give me your domain name, and I’ll give you e-mail!

And in other news, the Ashes started yesterday… And if yesterday’s play’s anything to judge by, then it’s going to be a very boring Summer.

And that’s it for the moment. Bye now!


Hello, all! Time for an update for the week, since I’m about due for one of these.

Exams began this week, and out of the two that I’ve done so far, it’s been a pretty mixed bag. On Wednesday was Maths (Methods 5C to be precise), and, content-wise was the worst exam that I’ve ever sat – worse even than the Methods 4C exam I did last year which caused me to fall from a high EA to a low HA. The easy questions were generally easy, and the hard questions were irrelevant. Yay!

Computer Science, as I expected, was far easier. And, without revealing too much (I don’t want to lose an EA by releasing exam contents early), it was a cracker. I know the examiner, and his sense of humour permeated every section of the exam. I’m glad I finished reading with 5 minutes left of reading time left, so I could get over the laughter!

In non-academic news, the New James Bond movie premiered in England and the US this week, generally to excellent reviews, which can only bode well for its release here, on December 7th (I intend to book opening night tickets — e-mail me if you want to come along); also, the guys over at n-Europe played the Nintendo Wii hands on for the first time, and were blown away by the public’s support for the console. It releases in the US on Sunday, and here on December the 7th (I’ve pre-ordered)

In other news, I’m going to be spending a LOT of money on December the 7th, but I can hardly wait!

Los Whitlams (again)

This blog is really starting to get a workout again. Let’s hope that it stays that way!

Yesterday, I went to my first ever 18+ gig — it was a performance by none other than the Whitlams, in the Show Room (which is hidden in the actual Casino part of the Casino) at Wrest Point. Overall, it was a very good event, which is why I am now to write about it!

The evening started with our arrival at Wrest Point (“we” being Simon, Richard and Myself… The usual crowd :)), and going to the service desk and being asked for ID. Richard, who doesn’t drive, didn’t have any, so he had to call his Dad up for his Passport (!!!). After the initial kerfuffle, we slotted ourselves into the venue, and awaited the support act.

The support act was Sydney-based performer, Bertie Blackman, and her Band. The music was good, and I was generally impressed by the guitarist and bassist’s excessive use of DSP Effects. Their set lasted roughly half an hour. Probably the most notable thing there was that Bertie used a Hub Cap as percussion in one of the songs. That was quite interesting, to say the least.

The Whitlams themselves arrived on stage at about 9:40, and, strangely, began their performance on a song other than No Aphrodisiac (oh, the horror!), instead doing Beauty in Me off their new album. Once dealing with the initial shock of the aforementioned, and collecting myself, I paid more attention.

Highlights, in roughly chronological order, include:

  • Their performance of Fall For You was quite incredible. I always imagine hearing that song as a particularly lo-fi, produced piece, so I was amazed when they performed it as a heavy piece with lots of guitar. Incredible.
  • Jak’s solo in Louis Burdett was good.
  • Tim commenting on the style of our singing to Buy Now, Pay Later. Whilst pointing to a large group of Hutchins People up the front, he commented on our enunciation, particularly the “t”s and “d”s. Mrs Short, once again, I salute you :).
  • Four Encore songs, beginning with Charlie No.3, and concluding with I Make Hamburgers, with probably the loudest “More Sauce” call I’ve heard in a long time.
  • There were far more things than that during the performance, which are far too numerous to mention. What I will point out though, is that I bought a copy of their “Rarities” disc for $10, (Saves me buying another copy of Torch The Moon), and got it signed by Timmy. Yay!

    Overall, a really good night. Definitely looking forward to their next performance around here!


    As of 1:40PM-ish yesterday, I am no longer taking lessons at school. It’s been a great couple of days, so I’ll quickly list a few things that have happened during them:


  • School House Executive meeting where we consumed the first full breakfast in the new School Rec Room, which (compliments to the chef,) was very good. Apparently they’re going to do it every day next year. Pity I won’t be there to enjoy it.
  • Publishing a Macadam’s Manifesto in record time (less than one period). That was great fun!
  • Receiving the “Laziness” award in the House Farewell assembly. I doubt that I’ve ever been more honoured :).
  • Getting a score of 12 (0.6% error) in the National Titration Competition. That’s a gold medal!
  • Thursday

  • Water Fight at recess. I got two 80-litre bins worth dumped on me… It was just a pity I had to leave early for a maths test.
  • Leavers’ Lunch. Not too much of note happened there, bar an extremely moving speech by one of the teachers, Mr Rae, who (for those of you who do not know,) has not been at school at all this year due to a life-threatening cancer, which is now in remission. The account was heartfelt, obviously hard for him to tell. I would probably be right in saying that there was not a single person in the room who was not moved.
  • Leavers’ “Barbeque” at Collegiate. It was actually a roast. How disappointing.
  • Going back to Richard’s for the big, fun, non-piss-up get-together. It took a while before we got started with anything interesting… And when we did, we REALLY did. Richard’s Mum decided to straighten Jet Holloway’s hair. I’ll post photos as soon as I have them. It’s actually quite funny. We concluded that with a spot of Mario Kart on the GameCube, which was fun for everyone.
  • Friday

  • Waking up to a cooked breakfast at Richard’s. Bacon and Eggs. Yumm.
  • Morning Tea. Biscuits, Foccacia (“Pizza”) Coffee and Orange Juice. In the Staff Room. That would have been interesting, had I not have had morning tea in there a few weekends ago during Titration Practice (thanks Grevesey!)
  • The Photo. We had a group photo of everyone who came to school in Kinder/Prep/Year 1. That was good, except that the photographer didn’t realise there’d be so many… So they took a second photo of only the Kindergarteners.
  • Chapel Service. The Leavers’ Service was probably the first time it actually hit home that I would not be returning to school. Not during the Hymns (“Were you there”, sung like a footy anthem), the Sermon (which included footage of us singing, circa Year 4, and Father John delivering one of my Jokes, and people finding it funny!), but when Mrs Short’s ELC Choir came up to sing. I sang in that choir in Year 2 (1996!), so that really caused it to hit home. I left the chapel crying.
  • Awards Assembly. I got awarded two awards (one was my Titration Medal), the other was a cap for Debating (about time).
  • And that’s a fairly accurate wrap-up of my life over the past few days. It’s going to be really weird not going back to school after 14 years.