Stuff and Nonsense (For November 24, 2006)


In today’s news, I had my final exam this morning, a lovely 2-hour “Walk In The Park” Audio Design exam. Much enjoyment to be had there, especially given that I disliked yesterday’s chem exam greatly (but not as greatly as Maths). That therefore means that I no longer have anything to do with school study, and I now really only have one more official obligation in terms of school, that being Speech Night in December. It’s almost all over!

In computing, I now host e-mail — give me your domain name, and I’ll give you e-mail!

And in other news, the Ashes started yesterday… And if yesterday’s play’s anything to judge by, then it’s going to be a very boring Summer.

And that’s it for the moment. Bye now!

5 thoughts on “Stuff and Nonsense (For November 24, 2006)

  1. Well done! I can’t believe I’ve finished Year 11, I keep feeling like I need to do work! Yes, yesterday was rather a walk-over in the cricket, but perhaps the Poms just need to get into the swing a bit, after all, we creamed them in the first test last time, and look what they came up with in return!

  2. Well. Congratulations. Apparently the Chem exam was a complete <bad thing> and the cheif examiner wants to change it to be internals only, due to an off-syllabus question worth more than half a criteria, or something.

    But anyway. The cricket does look interesting. 560/8, with Lee & Clarke having a run rate of 8. Boring summer, yes. 😀

  3. On the subject of Chem, I will point out that a similar thing happened in Maths Specialised in 2004.  And that being the case, “internals only” will not happen.

    That said, the exam was riddled with typoes, and key pieces of data was not printed correctly.  Out chem teacher was called into the exam, and read out more than 20 pieces of Errata… Not a very good job IMO.

    Given the MSP precedent, scaling will probably happen.  Yay!

  4. Well I read in the Mercury this morning that a quarter of the questions were messed up, so they are going to mark the other three-quarters that were ok, and then factor in internals, but the guy interviewed in the article said it was going to be a very complicated process. Bummer for them!!!

  5. Yeah… I read that… but it’s nothing different to what they do with every other exam…

    And they’re going to mark every question, including the error-filled ones… A few ‘!’ symbols never hurt anyone — the actual questions themselves weren’t buggered.

    It should be all OK in the end.

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