Doctor wtf?

I’ve just finished watching the final episode of this year’s series of Doctor Who, and, as with the vast majority of Russell T. Davies’ recent stories, it was a complete, unmitigated disaster. One can only hope that next year, they have the presence of mind to hire someone decent to write the last ep, as it’s definitely needed.

4 thoughts on “Doctor wtf?

  1. That’s a pity. Not sure if I’m glad I know this. At least my expectations will be low. Jack seemed pretty disappointed about that this morning. If you both think it’s crap, then I guess it must be crap. How sad!

  2. Yes, I did use the special icons for the cut and paste, but still got the error codes of:invalid statement: & at 23:1invalid statement: & at 29:1invalid statement: & at 38:1Which I guess are slightly different then the ones I listed above.It highlights in red “&npsb;” at the lines listed. I deleted those 3 and then it worked fine. I’m not sure how or why those errant “&npsb” got into the study.

  3. Notizia davvero ghiotta per i ragazzi(…e non solo!), che solitamente sono molto incuriositi ed affascinati da queste particolarissime e sensazionali scoperte!Ma ci pensate, la dentatura di un mammifero, praticamente simile alla nostra nel cavo orale di un rettile?! Impressionante!!! video!Grazie Annarita!Buona giornata e buon relax…marino!Bacioni,maria I.

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