Blog Upgrade

Well I’ve finally bit the bullet, and have installed PyBlosxom 1.4.2 onto my web site. There’s some internal improvements that nobody here is likely to see in relation to that; however, I’ve also installed some new plugins, including Akismet Comments, a spam filter that should hopefully ward off spammers, without requiring you to type “what” in every time you want to make a comment.

Also installed is support for tagging of posts, which you should see me do more often now.

Enjoy! (I know I will :))

2 thoughts on “Blog Upgrade

  1. I certainly agree so far, as far as PyBlosxom configuration goes, it’s been one of the easiest to get to work properly.

    Now I just need to wait a while and see whether or not any spam comes through in the next few days.

    (Here’s hoping…)

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