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TUCS Tech Talk Photos

TUCS Tech Talk #1, originally uploaded by Christopher Neugebauer.

As I mentioned previously, TUCS had its first tech talk on Friday (delivered by myself, on the topic of Introductory Python), this is the first opportunity to show off photos from it. I was rather impressed by the turnout (there are a few people off to the side that can’t be seen in the frame).

Upside-Down Man

Upside-Down Man, originally uploaded by Christopher Neugebauer.

On Digg, Today, there’s a site that allows you to create silly sketches and swap them with people.

Unfortunately, as with most such things, it’s turned into an exchange for Goatse impressions, and phalli.

I got an impression of the latter in return for this, so I figured that I’d share this with everyone.

TUCS Launch (Tech Talk etc)

TUCS had its launch event yesterday, which consisted of a Barbecue, membership drive, and tech talk.

The Membership front was fairly successful, given that we managed to sign up somewhere in the order of 7 new members (which is not bad given how late in the semester it is, and that we weren’t offering Alcohol at the event :)), hopefully we can get a few more before the end of the semester, as it would be nice to get some people who aren’t part of the “usual crowd” to join in.

The main reason for this post was that I delivered the tech talk, on the topic of Introductory Python. Overall, I think it went fairly well, although I mistimed the talk such that I had to completely miss one section of the talk (which is a reminder of my debating days… but let’s not get into that). Anyone who wants to comment on my talk (except for the sections where Bruce crashes — I already know about this) is quite welcome to — it’s available in its entirety at Google Video

The day was quite successful. Here’s hoping that TUCS can keep getting stronger!