Harbucks Revisited

On September 4, 2006, I wrote the following:

Today, Hobart’s first Starbuck’s Coffee store opened. I’m going to celebrate by not going!

It seems that I’ve almost succeeded in my quest to never visit Starbucks here… In the SMH today, it was announced that the Hobart Starbucks will be closing in the near future. I can’t say that I’m unhappy.

(If any mainlanders are perturbed by the lack of a Starbucks when they visit Hobart for LCA, may I recommend Oomph Coffee on Liverpool Street as a far better replacement.)

8 thoughts on “Harbucks Revisited

  1. I doubt there’ll be many tears shed from Starbucks going.  They’re hugely successful in the US because the standard coffee there is so bad, and they’re marginally better.  Here in Oz we’ve got bloody awesome coffee, so there’s just no reason to go to an inferior chain.

    That is, unless you want a couple of drops of over-roasted, nasty coffee drowned in oodles of milk and sugary flavourings.

  2. Could it really be good coffee with a cheesy name like ‘Oomph’?

    I didn’t mind Starbucks coffee, but it was somewhat overpriced, even for Sydney. ‘Coffee on Campus’, the coffee store conveniently tethered to the Computer Science building at UNSW, produce my preferred brew, but I’m up for experimenting with coffee Tasmanian style.

    With any luck I’ll be able to convince the RTA to spend a few taxpayers dollars sending me across to LCA :-)

  3. Yes the coffee is absolutely horrible, but on a really hot and humid day the ice blended frappacinno is a blessing as it works on so many levels

  4. I would imagine that LCA goers have quite a high standard of coffee and would regard starbucks a black pile of muddy oil.

    While Tassie does have some nice coffee, I must say there isn’t anywhere consistently outstanding. Oomph isn’t bad, but Villino on Criterion St. is much better generally speaking.

    Personally I have acquired quite a high standard from coffee from the excessive amount of coffee my friends make. They roast their own blends from around the world and spend excessive amounts on their equipment. In other words, I don’t bother trying with anywhere else as the standard that they have is far more consistent that any shop has (as it is too dependent on the staff). Check out my mates blog: http://www.blognow.com.au/coffee

    Mm… LCA + coffee == happy hackers

  5. Interesting blog.  I’ll take a look at it more closely later — I do tend to admire people who do their own roasting, especially since it gives the opportunity to make blends that may not necessarily appeal to the general public (and they’re the sorts of blends that I prefer).

    In relation to the consistency of cafe’s as compared with good home baristas, I would tend to disagree with your assertion that no cafe is consistent.  Oomph (in particular) have only three full-time baristas (all three of then consistently win awards), and basically every coffee I have from there is generally as good as each other.

    Many other cafes do suffer from the problems you suggest though.

  6. While I make no claims about the quality of Starbucks coffee (Chai Latte FTW) – I will say that there are very few places in Hobart that would tolerate me (and workmates) spending most of the day there coding/working (and very few places in Hobart that have desks/comfortable chairs to work on).

    For this reason I will miss Hobart Starbucks.

  7. Joshua, nothing new on your friends coffee blog there. The funny thing about coffee is everyone’s an expert. As for your comment on Villino being better than Oomph – I am wondering what professional cupping you have done, how many competitions have you competed in and who do you consult to within the cafe industry? When you can tell me solid, reputable answers to those questions then I will assume that your comment is strictly YOUR opinion and prone to bias.

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