A question for my interstate readers: Has anyone seen the following lane structure outside of Tasmania?

(If anyone wants to guess what the correct procedure is in such a situation, you’re also welcome to do that)

8 thoughts on “Merging

  1. That’s just a standard “2 lanes merges into 1”, along with the associated Australia-wide unified road rule which states the vehicle behind must give way to the vehicle in front, no matter which lane either is in.

  2. 2 lanes merge into 1? Yeah, that’s not uncommon to come across. As for what to do in such a situation, I’m not completely sure (I have not yet obtained a driving license).

  3. That looks like half of a section of Bass Highway a few tens of km west of Launceston. If so, real-life experience is that confusion does indeed run rampant amongst the participants.

  4. There is a part of the M5 southbound in Sydney (north of the Campbelldown exit) that looks a lot like this. Consistently causes traffic problems.

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