Monthly Archives: April 2009

We interrupt your previously scheduled silence…

Ubuntu Cola, originally uploaded by Christopher Neugebauer.

To bring you a drink that shares its name with an operating system. Ubuntu Cola is a fair trade cola (so the Sugar and Cola farmers in Africa get paid fairly for their wares) that we found in Stockholm. It’s rather tasty too. If you’re in Europe, it’s worth going out and finding some — it stocks in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Belgium.

(Actually useful writings to come later)

Leavin’ on (a) jet plane(s)

As previously mentioned I’m on one of the Australian teams competing in the ACM ICPC World Finals being held in Stockholm on April 21 — that means that I somehow need to get to Europe, and that somehow is series of flights, today — with a week’s stopover in Frankfurt, to visit relatives who live there.

Flights today are Hobart-Melbourne (not too bad) and Melbourne-Frankfurt via Bangkok (oriental setting), an ugly 28 hours total in transit (that I’m not really looking forward to), arriving at the somewhat inconvenient time of 6AM (just to ensure that any excess jetlag will be comfortably prolonged).

I’ll be trying pretty hard to document my trip here, and this will probably mean that there’ll be a bit of extra noise coming from me on PLOA — for those of you with little interest in what I’m doing: sorry about that!