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3 birds…

Let’s kill two birds with one picture, as it were…

Point 1? I got an Honours scholarship. Yay me! Secondly? I got my final mark today (for Functional Analysis), a very satisfying 95 (better than my previous marks for the semester by a long way). This means that I now officially have sufficient credit to graduate to a Bachelor of Science (though this is mostly a formality, I’ve been doing Honours study for two weeks now), and will do so in two weeks time. Awesome!

The third bird? My Honours thesis topic has been allocated. Put as vaguely as possible, it’s about augmenting a machine learning-based object detection system (for images) to use colour images instead of black and white. My supervisor is Mike (my ACM-ICPC coach, as it were). I’ll _try_ and explain it better once I’ve done a bit more reading than I have so far…

Normal service to be resumed later,


More Thingies!

Time for another status report on things that have happened recently!

More Uni!

First up, I’ve started on my Honours year! Isn’t that exciting? As I’ve learnt this week, the next 12 months for me will consist of 4 coursework units, and a research thesis. This semester, it looks like I’ll be studying Embedded Systems (yay! I get to program some microprocessors! Whoo!), Computing in Context (a research-intensive unit in HCI), and possibly one other, depensive on what the unit outline for it looks like. My thesis I’m not so sure about, given that the process by which we get assigned supervisors hasn’t occurred yet. Currently, I have a pile of 12 project areas for my perusal, from which I must rank 6 proposals by order of how much I want to study them. At the moment, there are some interesting-looking proposals relating to Machine Learning, and some interesting ones relating to web monitoring; I find out what I’ve been assigned by Friday (very exciting, no?). 2010 2010 is being held in Wellington, New Zealand. One of the things that makes LCA a truly wonderful conference is the first two days, devoted to single-day “miniconfs” on topic areas of interest to the Free and Open Source Software communities. I’m currently involved with two proposals; I’m primary proposer of a developers’ miniconf (called “Open Languages”) aimed towards uniting the developer communities of open source programming languages, and I’m secondary proposer of an education-flavoured miniconf. I’d be equally happy if either of these proposals get up, but with 30 other awesome proposals competing for 12 openings for miniconfs, there’s going to be some very stiff competition.


Hey, turns out I turned 21 on Wednesday. How did I manage that?

Worldwide Photo Walk 2009

I had the fortune yesterday to go on the Hobart edition of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk 2009. The WWPW, in its second year, is an organised photo walk, with groups taking photos in 900 cities across the world. This year was the first time it had been run in Hobart, and was organised by local photographer Nigel Honey. The walk started in Molle Street, following the Hobart Rivulet to the Cascade Brewery, and back along Macquarie Street.

I used the day as an excuse to finally use my new ultrawide for an extended period of time, which I’ve been waiting for for over a month now: the difference in shots that an ultrawide affords you is incredible, the flipside is needing to spend far more time paying attention to composition and ensuring that the entire frame of the photograph is well-used (being selective about subjects is very difficult due to massive depth-of-field).

Perhaps the most interesting find of the day was an abandoned scrapyard in South Hobart near the Brewery, apparently a dumping ground for old cranes, and this is where my most interesting set of shots came from:

Worldwide Photo Walk -- Hobart

Light on Steel Beams

Worldwide Photo Walk -- Hobart

The Photo Walk should be happening again roughly this time next year, if you enjoy taking photos of things, events like this present a really good opportunity to improve your skills, learn tips and tricks from people with similar interests to you, and to explore places that you might not have considered visiting before. It’s certainly something I hope to do more regularly myself, in the not-too-distant future.


After a somewhat self-enforced marathon exams session, I finished my last (and arguably most difficult) exam on Monday, that was for Functional Analysis, and my first results came out this morning: 3 HD marks and a Distinction, not quite as good as my excellent run of last year, but still not dreadful either. Given that I’ve passed everything, it means that I’ve finished the undergrad component of my degree! Hurrah!

Graduation is in early August, but before then, the Honours programme starts Friday, after only three days worth of holidays. Excellent!