Planet Flood — Sorry!

So I’ve just migrated posts from my old blog (hosted using PyBlosxom) to my new one (hosted using WordPress). It appears as though Planet Linux Australia (and possibly others) have ignored the timestamps on my migrated posts. Fantastic!

So, if you’re seeing 10-month-old posts from my blog, sorry about that, I’ll try not to do it again!

One thought on “Planet Flood — Sorry!

  1. It’s not the timestamps. It’s the guids, which tells the feed reader it’s already read that post. The guids I see in your feed look like typical WordPress–generated guids, which would be different from what Blosxom decided on.

    The guids are stored in the database, and had you known about it, you could potentially have updated WordPress’ existing guids to match the old Blosxom ones. But hey, it wasn’t too much spam. You’re hardly the first. 🙂

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