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According to their ingredients listing, which is available from their website, Crust Pizza use flavour-enhanced meat.

Crust Pizza meat description

For those who can’t read it, their “bacon” contains: Pork (93%), Water, Salt, Mineral Salts (451, 450), Sugars (Sucrose, Dextrose (Maize)), Antioxidant (316), Sodium Nitrite (250), flavour enhancer (621), Natural Wood Smoke, water added.

Seriously, for less than than $20, you can buy high-quality pizza, with real flavours, and not MSG (Flavour Enhancer 621).

Until they pick their act up, never again.

A Miniconf for Researchers and Students

Because my insanity knows no bounds, I’m helping out with a second miniconf at 2011 in Brisbane.

It’s called the FOSS in Research and Student Innovation Miniconf, and I’m running it with my fellow ex-UTAS Honours Student, Peter Lyle. Here’s how we describe it in the CFP:

The FOSS in Research and Student Innovation Miniconf brings together researchers and students with an active interest in Free and Open Source Software with the broader community to highlight exciting work taking place within the often esoteric world of academia and educational institutions.

The Miniconf is part of 2011, being held at the QUT Gardens Point Campus in Brisbane, Queensland in January. It’s being organised by Peter Lyle of the Urban Informatics Research Lab at the Queensland University of Technology and Christopher Neugebauer from TUCS, the University of Tasmania Computing Society. You can e-mail them at

The CFP is now open at the Miniconf web site, so if you’ve got something to say, please do submit a proposal!

Open Programming strikes again

I’m very pleased to announce that the LCA2011 organisers have accepted my proposal for the Open Programming Miniconf to be run at in Brisbane in January.  This is a new, improved, shorter-titled successor to the wildly successful Open Programming Languages Miniconf that was held in Wellington earlier this year.

From the proposal:

The Open Programming Miniconf is a single-day mini-conference about application development with Open Source tools.

Featuring talks on a wide range of topics and programming languages, this miniconf aims to bring together open source developers with presentations that share techniques, best practices and values amongst programmers of all open programming languages. OPM2011 will be held at 2011, at the QUT Gardens Point Campus in Brisbane in January.

Whilst the miniconf is yet to be officially announced, the proposal submission system is online at the miniconf website.  I look forward to seeing some awesome presentation proposals coming through in the coming weeks!