According to their ingredients listing, which is available from their website, Crust Pizza use flavour-enhanced meat.

Crust Pizza meat description

For those who can’t read it, their “bacon” contains: Pork (93%), Water, Salt, Mineral Salts (451, 450), Sugars (Sucrose, Dextrose (Maize)), Antioxidant (316), Sodium Nitrite (250), flavour enhancer (621), Natural Wood Smoke, water added.

Seriously, for less than than $20, you can buy high-quality pizza, with real flavours, and not MSG (Flavour Enhancer 621).

Until they pick their act up, never again.


  1. Bacon *is* cured pork — it is supposed to contain salt, although usually sugar is more a ham thing. NaNO2 and MSG are just salts. I think it’s admirable that they are listing all this information; it is helpful for people with allergies.

    I am fairly confident that they are just using a normal commercial source of bacon. You would probably have to go to a rural hamlet in Europe to find any other sort of bacon.

    1. Actually, basically every other pizza provider can source bacon which does not contain MSG. This includes Domino’s (see ), who these days also disclose the manufacturer of all smallgoods (currently Don).

      MSG is an artificial flavour enhancer, is known to cause issues in some people (myself included). It’s generally pretty easy to get by without asking whether a pizza contains this — I’d have thought if I were paying for “premium ingredients” (their words) would imply actually getting cured meat, and not artificially flavour-enhanced meat.

      1. What does artificial mean? Any cooked foodstuff is artificial, because it has been chemically altered by the artifice of man. MSG is the sodium salt of an amino acid which exists in high levels in tomato, mushroom and parmesan. A person who is intolerant of glutamic acid would be advised to be very careful of pizzas in general. But see Tarasoff & Kelly (1993). I think you may well have a legitimate concern but the tone of your post is pretty shrill.

    1. I’ve sent them an e-mail and raged about them on Twitter (which they appear to have noticed — looks like at the very least they have a competent #SMEG on board).

      I’m looking forward to seeing whether they fix it.

  2. If this irritates you, you really need to get out more.

    It’s not fake meat, it’ still bacon. Calling it fake meat is simply being completely over the top and irrational. And MSG is in everything. Monosodium glutamate, a salt that uses the nitrate receptors on your taste buds. I grew up in Japan and MSG is in everything over there, yet they have one of the longest avergage life spans in the world. It’s only a concern to peeople that are sensitive to it, and then those people know to not eat most types of fast food. Even here it is snuck into everything including potato chips.

    Don’t order it ever again then. That just means my pizza from crust will be delivered a little faster.

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