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Neugebauer Chocolate

I was in the TUU Shop today, and did a double-take as I saw my surname staring back at me (it’s in the top left corner of the wrapper).

Why a Brazilian chocolate company would call themselves “Neugebauer” is beyond me — but I shalln’t complain. The occasional ego trip can be healthy.

(Oh, and the chocolate itself wasn’t particularly nice. Oh well :()

TUCS Tech Talk Photos

TUCS Tech Talk #1, originally uploaded by Christopher Neugebauer.

As I mentioned previously, TUCS had its first tech talk on Friday (delivered by myself, on the topic of Introductory Python), this is the first opportunity to show off photos from it. I was rather impressed by the turnout (there are a few people off to the side that can’t be seen in the frame).

Upside-Down Man

Upside-Down Man, originally uploaded by Christopher Neugebauer.

On Digg, Today, there’s a site that allows you to create silly sketches and swap them with people.

Unfortunately, as with most such things, it’s turned into an exchange for Goatse impressions, and phalli.

I got an impression of the latter in return for this, so I figured that I’d share this with everyone.

Tasman Bridge — Earth Hour

It’s Earth Hour, therefore a large number of Tasmanian Landmarks have had their lights switched off. Here’s a photo of the Tasman Bridge in a strangely deluminated state.