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Linux.conf.au 2011 Miniconf Timetables etc.

I’m pleased to announce that the two miniconfs that I am involved with at Linux.conf.au 2011, the Open Programming Miniconf and the FOSS in Research & Student Innovation Miniconf have published their draft schedules:

Unfortunately, you’ll also notice that both Miniconfs lack a complete schedule at this point in time. If you have a talk that would be of interest to either miniconf, we’d love it if you could submit a proposal as soon as possible so that we can publish our completed schedules! The CFPs for each miniconf are available from:

I look forward to seeing you at either of these miniconfs, presenting or otherwise!

A Miniconf for Researchers and Students

Because my insanity knows no bounds, I’m helping out with a second miniconf at Linux.conf.au 2011 in Brisbane.

It’s called the FOSS in Research and Student Innovation Miniconf, and I’m running it with my fellow ex-UTAS Honours Student, Peter Lyle. Here’s how we describe it in the CFP:

The FOSS in Research and Student Innovation Miniconf brings together researchers and students with an active interest in Free and Open Source Software with the broader Linux.conf.au community to highlight exciting work taking place within the often esoteric world of academia and educational institutions.

The Miniconf is part of Linux.conf.au 2011, being held at the QUT Gardens Point Campus in Brisbane, Queensland in January. It’s being organised by Peter Lyle of the Urban Informatics Research Lab at the Queensland University of Technology and Christopher Neugebauer from TUCS, the University of Tasmania Computing Society. You can e-mail them at frsi2011@googlegroups.com

The CFP is now open at the Miniconf web site, so if you’ve got something to say, please do submit a proposal!