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And once again in the flurry of action that occurs during and after LCA, I have completely neglected to update my blog.

So since then, I’ve been doing various bits of development work for my benevolent mad scientist overlords at Secret Lab; this Thursday I’m off to the San Francisco Bay area to do three weeks of onsite work with my next client, which should be thoroughly enthralling.

I suspect the most reliable place to find any evidence whatsoever of my recent activity will be my Flickr stream, though I may take Jethro Carr’s lead and just post regular blogs with lots of pictures every other day (at least it *looks* like he’s had regular activity…).

Until the next post, whenever that may be!


Academia, gogo!

In today’s exciting post I describe a rather amusing series of events and the end result of it:

The events:

  • In August I submitted a paper to a Computer Vision conference being held in New Zealand in November. This is entirely sensible because my honours research received a first-class grade and was in the field of computer vision.
  • In September, a large earthquake occurred in the Christchurch region, causing much pandemonium amongst organisers of said conference.
  • On Tuesday this week, my paper got accepted. Naturally, the conference was organised by people in Christchurch, and they were disrupted by several weeks due to the earthquake.

So the conference is on November 8 and 9 in Queenstown, New Zealand; this leaves me just over two weeks to:

  1. Arrange travel
  2. Revise the paper based upon reviewers’ comments
  3. Prepare a poster to present at the conference
  4. Get there