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Linux.conf.au 2011 Miniconf Timetables etc.

I’m pleased to announce that the two miniconfs that I am involved with at Linux.conf.au 2011, the Open Programming Miniconf and the FOSS in Research & Student Innovation Miniconf have published their draft schedules:

Unfortunately, you’ll also notice that both Miniconfs lack a complete schedule at this point in time. If you have a talk that would be of interest to either miniconf, we’d love it if you could submit a proposal as soon as possible so that we can publish our completed schedules! The CFPs for each miniconf are available from:

I look forward to seeing you at either of these miniconfs, presenting or otherwise!

One week left for LCA2011 Miniconf proposals

In case you’ve missed it in other channels, the linux.conf.au 2011 miniconf CFPs close on Friday October 22 (for the most part).

For my part, I’m still looking for more presentations for the Open Programming and Research & Student Innovation miniconfs. The descriptions are as follows:

Open Programming Miniconf

The LCA2011 Open Programming Miniconf helps bridge the gap between the low-level developer and the end-user by bringing the topic of tools and techniques for application development to Linux.conf.au.

We invite 25-minute talks on a wide range of topics, tools and languages with the aim of bringing together open source developers with presentations that share techniques, best practices and values amongst users of all open source programming languages.

If you know something about a topic of interest to the LCA Developer community, please read our call for presentations and submit a proposal!

To submit a proposal for the Open Programming Miniconf, you can find the CFP at http://blogs.tucs.org.au/opm/cfp

Research & Student Innovation

The FOSS in Research and Student Innovation Miniconf brings together researchers and students with an active interest in Free and Open Source Software with the broader Linux.conf.au community to highlight exciting work taking place within the often esoteric world of academia and educational institutions.

We invite 25-minute presentations on topics in two streams: “FOSS in Research”, which provides an informal outlet for those pursuing topics of interest to FOSS communities in their studies; and “Student Innovation”, which brings the perspective of the student delegation to the forefront, by allowing them to share their experiences of FOSS with the broader LCA community.

To submit a proposal, visit the CFP at http://blogs.tucs.org.au/frsi/cfp

Open Programming strikes again

I’m very pleased to announce that the LCA2011 organisers have accepted my proposal for the Open Programming Miniconf to be run at Linux.conf.au in Brisbane in January.  This is a new, improved, shorter-titled successor to the wildly successful Open Programming Languages Miniconf that was held in Wellington earlier this year.

From the proposal:

The Linux.conf.au Open Programming Miniconf is a single-day mini-conference about application development with Open Source tools.

Featuring talks on a wide range of topics and programming languages, this miniconf aims to bring together open source developers with presentations that share techniques, best practices and values amongst programmers of all open programming languages. OPM2011 will be held at Linux.conf.au 2011, at the QUT Gardens Point Campus in Brisbane in January.

Whilst the miniconf is yet to be officially announced, the proposal submission system is online at the miniconf website.  I look forward to seeing some awesome presentation proposals coming through in the coming weeks!