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PyCon Australia 2015!

I was at PyCon Australia 2015 in Brisbane last week, and I presented a couple of talks!

  • Python’s New Type Hints In Action… In JavaScript looked at the tarpit surrounding PEP 484, by introducing Pythonistas to TypeScript, an implementation of the same type system but for JavaScript. There’s a video on youtube and notes on github.
  • Test-Driven Repair looked at the issue of adding tests to code that hadn’t really considered it. I proposed some ideas about how to go about adding tests and refactoring your code to make future testing easy. There was a lot of good discussion after this talk, and this one represents an improvement over the version I presented at OSCON a week earlier. Once again, there’s a video on YouTube and notes on Github.

This was the second year of PyCon Australia in Brisbane, it was pretty excellent. I’m looking forward to next year’s, which will be in Melbourne!


Since I enjoyed presenting on Android development at last year’s OSCON in Portland, it seems as though I shall be returning to do it again this year!

I’m presenting Android-Fu: Awesome apps for Ice Cream Sandwich and beyond at OSCON 2012. It’ll be on Tuesday 17 July at 9:00am, and will be a comprehensive look at things that modern Android tutorials should teach you, but tend not to.

On a related note, I’ll be travelling through the USA a bit on either side of OSCON. I’ll be in New York from (late on) Monday 9 July through Friday 13 July, and Seattle from Saturday 21 July through Monday 23 July. So if you happen to be reading this and would like to direct me at coffee whilst I’m there, let me know!