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Worldwide Photo Walk 2009

I had the fortune yesterday to go on the Hobart edition of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk 2009. The WWPW, in its second year, is an organised photo walk, with groups taking photos in 900 cities across the world. This year was the first time it had been run in Hobart, and was organised by local photographer Nigel Honey. The walk started in Molle Street, following the Hobart Rivulet to the Cascade Brewery, and back along Macquarie Street.

I used the day as an excuse to finally use my new ultrawide for an extended period of time, which I’ve been waiting for for over a month now: the difference in shots that an ultrawide affords you is incredible, the flipside is needing to spend far more time paying attention to composition and ensuring that the entire frame of the photograph is well-used (being selective about subjects is very difficult due to massive depth-of-field).

Perhaps the most interesting find of the day was an abandoned scrapyard in South Hobart near the Brewery, apparently a dumping ground for old cranes, and this is where my most interesting set of shots came from:

Worldwide Photo Walk -- Hobart

Light on Steel Beams

Worldwide Photo Walk -- Hobart

The Photo Walk should be happening again roughly this time next year, if you enjoy taking photos of things, events like this present a really good opportunity to improve your skills, learn tips and tricks from people with similar interests to you, and to explore places that you might not have considered visiting before. It’s certainly something I hope to do more regularly myself, in the not-too-distant future.

New Camera (iei!)

So due to being fed up with my previous camera, I got myself a new Canon EOS 450D digital SLR camera last week, and needless to say, I’m really really quite impressed.

Snug Falls -- January 11, 2009

I’ve taken it out for a few test runs over the past week, and am really quite impressed with the results. To start out my lens collection, I’ve used some of my Dad’s old FD-mount lenses via use of an adaptor1 (including an f/3.3 200mm prime and an f/5.6 75-300mm zoom, for those of you who are at all interested), which has afforded some good opportunities for interesting photos:

UTAS Sundial

Tasman Bridge by Night

I’m really looking forward to LCA as an opportunity to give it a really thorough workout — I expect that I’ll take a ludicrous amount of photos as an opportunity to test the camera in more varied circumstances. More as they come!

[1]: Yes, I’m well aware of phographers’ disdain for using FD lenses on an EOS camera, currently I don’t care. When I get to the point where I need to, I will.